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3 Tactics For Managing Through A Layoff

  • 12th Sep'21

Many uncertain events contribute to the downsizing or layoff of the workforce. The pandemic year 2020 was a big reveal of that inevitable and unpleasant situation that everyone had to face. Such unfortunate circumstances can bring out the best and the worst in people. If you are in an influential position, building an ecosystem to manage employee layoffs is essential. 

These periods are essential in the long run as they prepare leaders to face the challenges head-on and make steady transformations. So let's understand a few facts before taking on the tips for managing through a layoff.


What to Consider?

  • It is never easy to let people go, and it shouldn't be either. In any way, respect those who have spent a part of their life doing the company's work. Isn't that the kind of treatment we would expect?
  • Preferring one over the other is a bad thing to do! Positions cut affect employees. It is the question of their entire livelihood. So being objective is the key. Also focus on training new managers with the same lesson.
  • Strategies are crucial when things go haywire. Communicate the plans of transformation and the upgrade in skills and experience that employees must possess for future growth.


Tactics Helpful during a Layoff

Be Honest about the Facts

It is a tough call to lay off people you have known so closely; nevertheless, be an honest leader. Sugarcoating will only give a false idea about the company's situation and won't prepare the workforce for the future.


Be Considerate about the Departing Employees

Extending your support through your words or actions (referring to other openings) will boost the morale of the departing employees and motivate those remaining. Express how you feel for people in such difficult times.


Work Through the Tides

As a leader, always look ahead to the goals of the company. Take on more significant projects, work on innovative solutions, overcome an impossible task and put in your best efforts. This way, you don't just secure your position but the position of your team members! Don't be a difficult boss.


Transition is not Elimination

The layoff could be a mandate or a cost-cutting technique for the future of a company. It is a process of transition instead of elimination. Once this idea carves into the minds of the management and the employees, people can accept it with a little less heartbreak. Of course, it is the loss of finance, security, and status for many laid-off employees, but striving hard to attain that position should be an encouraging lesson! 


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