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12 Topics to Focus on Training New Managers

  • 31st Aug'21

When it comes to leaders and managers, the fundamentals have changed quite a lot today. If you can observe, you will notice that companies and organizations have set up various leadership and management sessions for their employees to nurture them into their better selves professionally. And why wouldn’t they? The benefits of training new managers and leaders hold so much potential for the respective company and organization in the long run. Not only are the grown company managers easier to work with, but they are also more trustable, save a lot of time in hiring and educating a new manager, and bode well for the company culture.

However, training new managers is never an easy task to accomplish. The coach and leader in charge should be well equipped with the tools and knowledge to get the job done rightfully. Therefore, here are some topics to focus on training new managers to get them ready to be a manager.


Solving Conflict

Workplace conflicts are a common occurrence, especially between managers and employees working under them. As a manager or a leader, you wouldn’t want any conflicts to escalate beyond a point that can hurt the company’s progress and reputation. After all, it just takes one rotten apple to spoil the others. So, if you are in charge of training new managers, you must not skip teaching them how to handle and resolve conflicts effectively.


Dealing with Change

Changes are inevitable in the workplace. As a manager, you will have ample situations to make changes in management to withstand any downtime or change in the plan of action. New managers should be able to help employees cope with any such sudden changes. Therefore, you must teach your new managers about being resilient, grabbing opportunities, and taking necessary steps when the situation demands.


Problem Solver

Every manager must be a problem solver and there’s no way around it. Like changes, problems are inevitable as well. Hence, it’s important the new manager’s training includes lessons about various ways of dealing with a problem and finding its solution.



Innovation is like a pillar that brings a company profit and helps them stand out from its competition. So, focus some time on your new manager training sessions toward highlighting the importance of being creative and working towards a culture of innovation. Doing so can even boost employee job satisfaction and retention.


Online Leadership

While the impact that a face-to-face meeting generates can never be replicated, it is evidently not possible all the time. There will be situations where a manager will have to address his employee as soon as possible. As a result, they must be well equipped with the best alternative, i.e., online or virtual leadership. So, focus on teaching about the required technologies and emotional intelligence to carry out online leadership effectively.


Task Delegation

Task delegation is a skillful art in management. It is what helps the manager to get delayed work done within the deadline. However, it requires employees who are willing to be accountable for delegated tasks. Managers can do so only if they can find a way to convince them. So, focus on teaching convincing tactics.


Importance of Trust and Respect

There’s not much to explain about the importance of trust and respect, and there is no alternative to building a trustable and respectful relationship with your co-worker and employees. It is essential in anything and everything to succeed.



While you are nurturing new managers for your company, one topic you should always look to cover is passing on the secrets that can help them nurture future managers like a never-ending cycle.


Holding Effective Meetings

Weekly meetings are the norm today. Whether offline or online, meetings are important to collectively work together, solve problems, develop strategies, etc. for the company. However, meetings need to be effective in terms of time and deliverance. Otherwise, you may waste a lot of time, costing a lot of productivity and the potential gain for the company.


Motivating Co-workers and Employees

Every co-worker and employee goes through downtime and a burnt-out phase where they find themselves demotivated. You wouldn't want your managers to work with unmotivated and tired employees. Motivation is the best way to tackle such situations. So, teach your new managers about motivating their employees from time to time.



Communication is a vital key to a healthy workplace environment. The better the communication, the fewer conflicts and problems any manager will have to deal with. Hence, ensure that communication remains one of the topics to focus on training new managers so that they become a good boss or a great one someday.


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